Increase efficiency, improve communication, and track student data with IRIS.

IRIS is a true web-based student management system for K-12 schools. IRIS provides schools with a flexible, powerful solution that helps educators increase efficiency, accountability, and communication. With IRIS, student information is centralised for easy input, reporting and analysis. By centralising the data, schools can easily track and report on broad or specific sets of data. IRIS integrates with all major timetable applications and school systems including OASIS and SAS.  IRIS streamlines communication for teachers, parents, and administrators. 


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  • IRIS 2.6 has been released 13-May-2012

    This release has the following new features:


    • Files can now be attached to Student D...
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  • IRIS-Attendance for OASIS saves time and improves effciency

     ...Integration with OASIS provides compliance and eliminates manual data entry...

    See IRIS - ...

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  • IRIS-Marks Weighted Sum formula

    Recently, we received a query asking how the Weighted Sum adds marks together.

    The process is...

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